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A. Aim evolution

This room was established with establishment of this school in the 88th year of the Republic of China, the main task established, lie in setting up and promoting sound, fair personnel system, offer service of perfecting efficiently for the faculty and staff of the whole school. And then improve teaching and service quality, reach the goal of running a school.

The personnel business should be in line with thinking about the rights and interests and welfare of all faculty and staff, stand fast at the fair, just, publicly, service spirit improved, set up intact personnel legal system, in order to mould positively and innovating, having organization culture of vigor, vigor.


B. Serve the idea

This room regards serving colleagues as the working idea, and promote personnel every business with humanization, through the sound personnel system, and then reassure the public, encourage morale, in order to improve teaching and service quality, reach the goal of running a school. So, besides relation of instructing of vertical administrative responsibility right, strengthen the horizontal communicative channel that links, set up and use various kinds of ' participate in and propose the system ', enable all faculty and staff to participate in the decision and management, in order to condense the common understanding, implement the execution of decision, finish educating its goal.

This room colleague regards taking as ' personnel people ' as the honour, offer more perfect speciality to know that can serve colleagues of faculty and staff through constant study, one lets colleagues obtain supreme satisfaction and the most lofty respect, is our common goal.


C. Future prospect

It cooperate with this school administrative affairs of schools development plan,it is near to be draft, in, manpower demands of long Cheng, this room will act the role that professional aides and staff combined, set up the system, provided service, looked forward to planning in order to coordinate in the future, the personnel system makes a self-criticism, studies to improve in good time, develop in order to cooperate with the administrative affairs of schools. Strengthen the personnel business informationization, cooperate with the work to simplify with the informationization, in order to improve administrative efficiency and service quality. Simplify every operation procedure with the scientific method, in order to reach and save manpower, material resources, financial resources. Finally with improve personnel is it is it based on result room diligent goal to accumulate to serve.

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